FREEDOM DRIVER® - Vibrating Sounder
FREEDOM DRIVER Digital Vibrating Sound Driver
Virtually Turn Any Solid Surface into an Audio Speaker and Sound System Phenomenon

High density, metal shell, wonderful texture! Wearing mirror coat, aristocratic ! Uptodate design, brief and elegance! The eyes of FREEDOM DRIVER-indicator light, bright and intelligent! Mini full functional control, compose the charming music yourself ! Modulate the loudness, bass and treble.

What the Freedom Driver Can Do!

These compact size devices will virtually turn any flat surface into a High Quality Sound System. Simply connect your digital music players such as iPods, MP3/MP4 players,PDA’s, Portable TV CD or DVD players, Laptop, UMPC’s, Computers and even Mobile Phones, for an incredible music and sound experience. You won’t believe your eyes ... or your ears. FREEDOM DRIVERs are elegant in design so they can be easily placed in any room in the home or office. FREEDOM DRIVER colors compliment the APPLE iPod White and Mirror Black.

Imagine turning any table or surface made of Wood, Glass, Marble, Stone, even Drywall into GIANT speaker systems. Customize your listening pleasure by changing tabletops and notice the different effects. Perhaps you feel that Wood is better for Classical music, and Marble or Glass is better for Rock n Roll. And unlike conventional speakers, no matter where you stand the music is clear from all directions.
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