AudioSpider Multiroom Audio Distribution System

Experiene the simplicity & cost savings of KOLTECH's multi-room audio distribution & control system AUDIOSpider distribute your favorite audio throughout the house from a central location. In every room, keypads and IR remote controls respectively provide simple and sophisticated access to and control over the system.

Special Features:

  • Extremely simple installation, with just a single run of Cat5e cable per zone.
  • Stylish and intuitive wall-mounted control panels (VAI / VKI) available in white
  • Remote operation possible with system remote control (RMC117). Learning remote control provides sophisticated and practical functionality eg. macro features (IR "pass-through" Modulation)
  • Loop outputs for all 6 audio sources
  • Routed Emitter outputs for dedicated infra-red control of source equipment
  • Hub-link facility for "chaining" up to 4 SSI's Main controller together (possible 32 main zones)
  • Standard 6-Source inputs and 8-Zone ouputs
  • Listen to different main sources in different zones
  • Power handling of inbuilt amplifiers: 12W RMS ~20W Music per channel
  • High-fidelity ceiling speakers and active speaker (CAI) options
  • Pre-output for driving external amplifiers or a powered sub-woofer if required
  • Listen to local source indepently in each zone through a zone audio port.
  • Functions of Bass, Treble, Balance, Loudness & main source input change through IR
System Components:

Speaker Speaker Keypads Keypads Speaker Accessoires Accessoires Main Control Unit Main Control Unit Accessoires Accessoires
All Components (Sample)

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